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Eldritch Tabletop



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Elementari; Humanoids touched by one of the four elements.

Nari are blessed by the power of flame, their skin often glowing like smoldering coals. They are prone to emotional outbursts and are known for their short tempers.

Ardu are blessed with the power of earth. Where a human would have hair, they grow ornate crystals, the colour of which is affected by their diet or mood as the crystals form. They are dependable and stalwart people, though are known to be stubborn and slow to embrace change.

Maru are blessed with the power of water. They are typically adaptable and tranquil people, but can fight with the rage of a storm if need be.

Riari are blessed with the power of air. They are a free willed and sharp minded, often finding their way into arcane/spiritual study.
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