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Grakk Ironchain

Grakk Ironchain

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Grakk Ironchain and his group of manhunters - known as The Ironchain Syndicate - are a formidable force in the Karamesht desert.

They are known for their brutal methods of capturing and transporting their quarry, and have a reputation for being ruthless and cruel. Despite this, Grakk is a shrewd and cunning leader who has built a vast network of contacts and allies in the desert. The Ironchain Syndicate is feared by many, and those who cross them do so at their own peril.

Grakk was once a gladiator himself and fought for his freedom in the Coliseum of Honoured Dead. He offers his captives the opportunity to do the same, but many are too weak or afraid to take the chance.

Grakk has a twisted sense of fairness, but does not consider himself evil.
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