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Kjoltan Warband

Kjoltan Warband

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Kjoltan Warriors

Kjoltan warriors are renowned for their unmatched strength, unwavering courage, and deep connection to their ancestral lands. Hailing from the rugged north of the Kjoltan Tundra, these warriors embody the indomitable spirit and resilience of their people. They have a rich heritage of martial traditions and a deep sense of honor and loyalty.

Bear Riders

Becoming a Kjoltan Bear-rider is no small feat. It requires years of rigorous training, starting from a young age. The aspiring riders must first establish a connection with a young warbear cub, earning its trust and loyalty through a process of mutual understanding and respect. This bond forms the foundation of their partnership, allowing them to communicate and synchronize their movements in combat.

Set Contains:

6 x Kjoltan Warriors
3 x Warbear Mounts
3 x Warbear Riders
1 x Warbear
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